Working space

I started to work on a new big project this week. Every time I wrap up a client project and start a new one I like to clean and rearranged my studio to start fresh with new inspirations! Depending on the client style and the type of project I put myself in a special kind of mood.

So this is what my studio looks like right now, I opted for a fresh, fun and colorful look. After a few years working with papers, I accumulated so many paper objects/scenes. Sometimes I give the orignial piece to the client, sometimes I throw them away if they’re not worth keeping them. If I feel like I could reuse some of the pieces I store them in boxes that I store in a closet. This closet is kind of full right now, so I started to hang stuff on my walls!

I also like to meet designers to get inspired and talk about some potential collaboration. It is very important when you work from home and alone to get out sometimes and see other people. A couple weeks ago I met Jordan Ferney from Oh Happy Day and last week I met with Jessica Hische. Both very nice and talented designers I admire. I was lucky to visit their working space. It’s always interesting to see artist’s working environment. We all have different ways to work. Some artist will like minimalist space, white walls, some like me will prefer a space full of objects and colors.

Some will like to listen to music, other will prefer working in silent. For my part, I like to have a movie or TV show in the background, believe it or not it help me focus on my illustrations and it covers small noises from the street who could distract me.


Making sushis

I thought that august would be a very slow month because everyone is on vacation, but no! Seems like for me it will be the busiest month of the year and I’m really happy with it! A lot of new fun projects coming in. Right now, I’m making a sushi for a new client illustration…More details about the project and photos soon!

The San Francisco Bay Guardian

So excited and impatient to see the printed issue of the Guardian this morning, I ran outside my apartment to the first newspaper boxes I could find still wearing my pyjamas and took like 10 copies (who cares I live in the mission there are crazy people everywhere)!

I think the first time I saw newspaper street boxes was on a trip to California with my parents when I was 10, and I thought it was really cool, 18 years later my work appear in one of those newspaper: The San Francisco Bay Guardian!!!

So this is what I’ve been working on the past 2 months, the Best of The Bay issue, 38th edition. I Illustrated the cover and the 4 sections inside: Shopping, City Living, Art & Entertainment and Food & Drink. Thank you to Kara Brodgesell who took the photos!

And a few close-ups shots:

Going to Seattle for the weekend

I am so excited! I’ve always wanted to visit Seattle! Maybe since I was 15 when I watched Nora Ephron’s movie Sleepless in Seattle… It’s probably the green and the rain that make this city looks mysterious and magical to me and it’s certainly the same thing that made me want to go to Portland, as well as the music/art scene.

I’ve got on my list of things to do The Experience Music Project, I heard it’s really good and they currently have a Nirvana exhibit: Punk to the Masses.

I also want to see the Seattle Art Museum. Some friends also suggested the Pike Place Market, Ballard and Capitol Hill areas, and the Space Needle of course. Apparently there’s a music festival happening this weekend in Capitol Hill! Phantogram is playing!

And if we have time we’ll drove west from Seattle to go the Salt Creek and Crescent Bay, and the Olympic National Park.

In my bag: camera, denim shirt (always the best when you travel)…

My sketchbook if I get inspired, a book for the flight: Just Kids, the biography of Patti Smith which I highly recommend! My hat, some jewelry…Sunglasses because it looks like it will be sunny saturday, and my umbrella just in case!