My week in Montréal

I lived 8 months in Montréal before I moved to San Francisco. And I never went back there until last week.

After these last couple  months of intense work, I really needed some vacation. So I went to visit my friends and cousin there. They all came to visit in San Francisco so it was my turn to go. It felt so good to see Montréal and my friends that I missed so much. We laughed a lot remembering old times.

And not that I am complaining to not have real seasons in San Francisco, it was really nice to have a real autumn, and a canadian one!

Strolling around the streets entirely covered by orange, red and brown leaves, taking photos of the houses decorated with pumpkins and other halloween decorations, getting cozy around a hot chocolate with my cousin and good friend Margaux at Fuchsia, hiking to Mont-Royal with a group of friends, devouring fabulous homemade twix at Olive & Gourmando, spending a night in a cute little wood house lost in the middle of the canadian forest (Sucrerie de la montagne), feeding the deers at Park Omega, eating a good poutine from L’anecdote at my friend Bart’s….so many good things in a week! I am now ready to get back to work, my head full of illustration ideas inspired by this very good trip!


4 years in America!

Time flies! I remember when I moved to San Francisco in september 2008, my dream was finally becoming true, I was so moved and excited to be here!

This all started when I was 10 years old! My parents, brother and sister and I did a one month and half road trip with to California. From San Francisco to San Diego.

My big brother on the left, me in the middle never without my walkman and my little sister’s curly hairs in 1994!

I remember how hot it was!Reorganizing the trunk again and again because of all the shopping! Looking at my position I was probably complaining to my dad because he wanted to sort things and probably throw some of the stuff away, haha.

All three of us proudly wearing Chuck Taylor All Star Converse as you can see!

This was the best trip of my life, I remember this like it was yesterday. We liked it so much that the next year they brought us to the East Coast and the year after that to Louisiana and Florida! Since then, it’s been my dream to live in the US. I thank my parents so much for sharing with us their love for travel. They really taught us to be curious and go for what we want.

My second dream came true here: becoming an illustrator! You don’t know how many publishers and magazines I sent my portfolio to in France after graduating in graphic design, who never bothered writing me back! I was afraid that I was never going to be an illustrator…that no one will one day give me a chance.

One day, after a year between Paris and Montreal, I had this opportunity to come for 3 months in San Francisco and I fell in love again with the city. So I decided to do everything in my power to stay and I found an internship in a design agency. A year and half later I had my own design/illustration studio.

It took a lot of work, one blog post to show my illustration style in the US, a lot of visas paperwork (but so worth it) and great support from my family and friends to be where I am today. I am so thankful for this country for GIVING ME THIS CHANCE to show what I was capable of. After 2 years working as an independent, I can list in my clients Warner Bros. records, Chronicle Books, Anthology Magazine, Target, The SF Guardian… and I hope many more in the future. Every project has been a really great collaboration so far and I can’t wait to see what will come next!

This is me today (18 years later), illustrator, sitting in my working space in San Francisco (published in The San Francisco Guardian).

So this excitement is still here today! There is so much happening here, so many opportunities, inspiring people to meet. Every day when I walk around the city I feel so lucky to live in one of the most awesome and beautiful city in the world. Thank you for all the inspiration San Francisco!

Follow your dreams people!

Going to Seattle for the weekend

I am so excited! I’ve always wanted to visit Seattle! Maybe since I was 15 when I watched Nora Ephron’s movie Sleepless in Seattle… It’s probably the green and the rain that make this city looks mysterious and magical to me and it’s certainly the same thing that made me want to go to Portland, as well as the music/art scene.

I’ve got on my list of things to do The Experience Music Project, I heard it’s really good and they currently have a Nirvana exhibit: Punk to the Masses.

I also want to see the Seattle Art Museum. Some friends also suggested the Pike Place Market, Ballard and Capitol Hill areas, and the Space Needle of course. Apparently there’s a music festival happening this weekend in Capitol Hill! Phantogram is playing!

And if we have time we’ll drove west from Seattle to go the Salt Creek and Crescent Bay, and the Olympic National Park.

In my bag: camera, denim shirt (always the best when you travel)…

My sketchbook if I get inspired, a book for the flight: Just Kids, the biography of Patti Smith which I highly recommend! My hat, some jewelry…Sunglasses because it looks like it will be sunny saturday, and my umbrella just in case!

Coachellaaa 2012-13!

Coachella was only a few weeks ago and they are selling the tickets for next year tomorrow at 10am! This is crazy!

Here is me and my good friend Zoé this year, it was magic as usual, I think I could buy a life ticket for this festival, I’ve been there 3 times and I love it so much. The sun, the heat, good music, art installations and friends…all the conditions for a perfect and unforgettable weekend.

Portland for the weekend

[Pumpkins decorations for Halloween]

[Enjoying a Voodoo donut – Very popular in portland]

[Sweet break at Pearl Bakery]

[Lunch at the delicious Pine State Biscuits – Biscuit with mushroom gravy]

[A Decemberist’s Tale of a Fantastical Portland I found at the fabulous Powell’s City of Books]

As you can see I spent most of the weekend eating!

It’s been one of my dreams to visit Portland! This weekend was wonderful, very relaxing. Portland is a very pleasant and quiet city away from the crowd and the noise. Lots of trees, cute houses, bikes, coffee shops everywhere, good restaurants, lots of food trucks, records shops, vintage boutiques, craft shops….

Portland during fall is magnificent, the colors of the trees and the falling leaves made our stay even more magical. It was so good to feel the season! I miss that so much living in San Francisco.