Oh Happy Day!

A few months ago, I met with Jordan Ferney from the well-known party and lifestyle blog Oh Happy Day. We are both admiring each other’s work. I went to visit her studio and she came to mine. She asked me if I would like to work with her on a few paper DIY projects. Of course I couldn’t refuse the fun opportunity! So last week we worked on a paper party necklace and a moon piñata.

This is the result of a few hours of crafting, styling and shooting. That was a really fun experience. And a challenge for me to create in such a short time!
You can see all the photos and instructions for the paper necklace here and for the moon piñata here, I hope you like it and have fun crafting!


The place I live

Remember the posters I made about a year and half ago representing my favorite neighborhood in San Francisco?

Well, a couple month ago, Gina, a student teacher for an art room at an Elementary school in Grafton, Wisconsin contacted me to have some high res images of my posters to use them as part of her lesson plan about neighborhoods.

Of course I felt very honored.

A few days ago she sent me some images of the posters the kindergarten students made based on my work.

Aren’t these kids so cute?

and fun!

Haha! Thank you so much Gina for the incredible work you’ve done with the kids, it looks amazing! I am very very touched and so happy to see that my work inspires people!


I am starting a crochet class tomorrow with my good friend Julia. I am really excited about it. Learning new things!!!

Here are some images I’ve been collecting for inspiration!

How cool are these? The guns are by Carina Inger, I really want one!

This is the fabulous artwork by Sarah Applebaum who works in San Francisco!

If in the past crochet was really kitsch, it is now very trendy: from headbands to dresses or blankets, it is everywhere! For the clothes I have a preference in neutral colors like white or beige, but for the home decor, the more colors, the better, and bright colors please!!!

I hope I’ll be good at it, I will show you something soon!

Gift Guide

I looove the Gift Guide Issue by Anthology! Glance through the guide here!

A lot of receipes I have to try! Especially the Mulled Canberry Cider, illustrated by a gorgeous video from Tiger In A Jar. I’ve seen their work before, I am a huge fan! (The Beet Cake one is so magical)

And some great gift ideas!

I discovered Anthology about a year ago. Anh-Minh Le and Meg Mateo Ilasco launched the first issue The Slow Life in fall 2010. I really love this magazine, the photos are always stunning and they have great stories. It is also very nice because Anthology is a San Francisco based magazine. I love reading stories about the creative people who live in the same city where I am.

I was lucky to meet Meg a couple months ago to talk about a collaboration for the magazine (winter issue). I am so excited to work with them and I can’t wait to share the result with you!