My week in Montréal

I lived 8 months in Montréal before I moved to San Francisco. And I never went back there until last week.

After these last couple  months of intense work, I really needed some vacation. So I went to visit my friends and cousin there. They all came to visit in San Francisco so it was my turn to go. It felt so good to see Montréal and my friends that I missed so much. We laughed a lot remembering old times.

And not that I am complaining to not have real seasons in San Francisco, it was really nice to have a real autumn, and a canadian one!

Strolling around the streets entirely covered by orange, red and brown leaves, taking photos of the houses decorated with pumpkins and other halloween decorations, getting cozy around a hot chocolate with my cousin and good friend Margaux at Fuchsia, hiking to Mont-Royal with a group of friends, devouring fabulous homemade twix at Olive & Gourmando, spending a night in a cute little wood house lost in the middle of the canadian forest (Sucrerie de la montagne), feeding the deers at Park Omega, eating a good poutine from L’anecdote at my friend Bart’s….so many good things in a week! I am now ready to get back to work, my head full of illustration ideas inspired by this very good trip!


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