Working space

I started to work on a new big project this week. Every time I wrap up a client project and start a new one I like to clean and rearranged my studio to start fresh with new inspirations! Depending on the client style and the type of project I put myself in a special kind of mood.

So this is what my studio looks like right now, I opted for a fresh, fun and colorful look. After a few years working with papers, I accumulated so many paper objects/scenes. Sometimes I give the orignial piece to the client, sometimes I throw them away if they’re not worth keeping them. If I feel like I could reuse some of the pieces I store them in boxes that I store in a closet. This closet is kind of full right now, so I started to hang stuff on my walls!

I also like to meet designers to get inspired and talk about some potential collaboration. It is very important when you work from home and alone to get out sometimes and see other people. A couple weeks ago I met Jordan Ferney from Oh Happy Day and last week I met with Jessica Hische. Both very nice and talented designers I admire. I was lucky to visit their working space. It’s always interesting to see artist’s working environment. We all have different ways to work. Some artist will like minimalist space, white walls, some like me will prefer a space full of objects and colors.

Some will like to listen to music, other will prefer working in silent. For my part, I like to have a movie or TV show in the background, believe it or not it help me focus on my illustrations and it covers small noises from the street who could distract me.


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