I am starting a crochet class tomorrow with my good friend Julia. I am really excited about it. Learning new things!!!

Here are some images I’ve been collecting for inspiration!

How cool are these? The guns are by Carina Inger, I really want one!

This is the fabulous artwork by Sarah Applebaum who works in San Francisco!

If in the past crochet was really kitsch, it is now very trendy: from headbands to dresses or blankets, it is everywhere! For the clothes I have a preference in neutral colors like white or beige, but for the home decor, the more colors, the better, and bright colors please!!!

I hope I’ll be good at it, I will show you something soon!


8 thoughts on “Crochet

  1. C’est a quelle heure votre cours de crochet? Ca m’interesse!
    Si c’est le soir je m’inscrirais bien aussi si c’est pas trop tard!

  2. Wahou merci pour les liens 🙂 J’ai à peine commencé le tricot mais de voir tous ces “détournements” de crochet, ça me donne bien envie de m’y mettre aussi !!
    J’ai bien hâte de voir tes créations en tout cas.

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