Gift Guide

I looove the Gift Guide Issue by Anthology! Glance through the guide here!

A lot of receipes I have to try! Especially the Mulled Canberry Cider, illustrated by a gorgeous video from Tiger In A Jar. I’ve seen their work before, I am a huge fan! (The Beet Cake one is so magical)

And some great gift ideas!

I discovered Anthology about a year ago. Anh-Minh Le and Meg Mateo Ilasco launched the first issue The Slow Life in fall 2010. I really love this magazine, the photos are always stunning and they have great stories. It is also very nice because Anthology is a San Francisco based magazine. I love reading stories about the creative people who live in the same city where I am.

I was lucky to meet Meg a couple months ago to talk about a collaboration for the magazine (winter issue). I am so excited to work with them and I can’t wait to share the result with you!


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